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The Establishment and Development of natural reserves for the giant panda


China Protecting the Giant Panda ProjectIn 1963, the first four natural reserves for the protection of rare animals like the giant panda and forest ecological system were established at Wanglang of Pingwu County, Jiuzaizigou of Beichuan County, Baihe of Jiuzaigou County and Labahe of Tianquan county, covering an area of 91,897hectare in total. By 1983, the number of natural reserves for the protection of rare animals like the giant panda and forest ecological system expanded to 13, and covered an area of 583,000 hectare in total. In 1992, the China Protecting the Giant Panda and its Habitat project was launched to establish another 15 natural reserves which cover altogether 484,200 hectare, while further improving and managing the existing natural reserves for the giant panda. In addition, 17 ecological corridor zones for the giant panda will be established to increase the genetic exchange between different groups and maintain the genetic diversity of giant pandas.The Home of the Giant Panda--Wolong

Based on the two large-scale investigations on the giant panda conducted by the National Forestry Office respectively between 1974 and 1977 and between 1985 and 1987, a third investigation which lasts three year will be conducted on the group number and habitat of the giant panda in the wild from June,1999 to June 2002.  According to the three investigations, giant panda natural reserves have been adjusted or newly established. Till now, as many as 39 natural reserves have been established mainly for the protection of the giant panda, covering altogether an area of 2,056,526 hectare. Meanwhile, another 22 giant panda reserves are in the schedule, five in Sichuan, 13 in the southern side of Chinling Mountain of Shanxi province, and one in Wenxian County of Gansu Province. These measures have made almost all the habitat of giant panda in protection and part of the potential habitat in protection. The Wolong Natural Reserve, named the Home of China Giant Panda, locates in the Wolong Natural Reservethe transient zone of high mountains and deep valleys between Sichuan Basin and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is now the largest national natural reserve for the protection of the giant panda and other rare species. Known for the giant panda, the Wolong Natural Reserve, in its history of protecting and doing researches on the giant panda, have not only made many records in China and in the world, but also have made brilliant achievements in artificial reproduction and manual breeding of the giant panda.Wolong Pass

Near to the national highway number 213, the Wolong Natural Reserve is 130 kilometer away from Chengdu. Within the reserve, a 104-kilometer long cement road has been built; meanwhile, optical fiber telephone service and mobile communication have also been established.


Natural Environment in the Wolong Natural Reserve